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Marvel at Marlene


Marlene Dietrich, famous in the 1920’s and 1930’s for her singing and acting, may just be the reason you wear your trends today. This woman described by John Wayne as, “the most intriguing woman I have ever know”, broke all boundaries laid out for women at the time.

Famously donning a full on mans suit in an era when it was absolutely unheard of, she brought on a craze of tailored jackets and tuxedo detailing as seen on the Balmain runways as of late. She also managed to shine in glittering gowns a la Proenza Schoulers Fall cocktail collection and bundles of lace shown at Luisa Beccaria. She also had a tendency to wear structured futuristic looks such as those from Calvin Klein and Roland Mouret, even working the high shoulder look- the epitome of this season.
She may not have always looked pretty, but she was definitely one that caught your eye, and kept it interested.
So next time you see your mothers watching an old classic black and white movie, don’t roll your eyes and walk away, take notice of the magnificent women that graced the screens then. Who knows, its maybe there that you will find the inspiration for your next knockout outfit.

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Teese Us More!



Always immaculate, radiant, daring, and feminine- Dita Von Teese can do absolutely no wrong in my books. You may think it is because of her retro style, however its more to that- she is well kept and extremely elegant no matter where she goes; a characteristic in women I highly admire and always aim to achieve.

Von Teese came to fame with her erotic Burlesque show which she stages in a high Martini Glass, however she is most recognized for her fashion credibility and being front row at all the major couture shows.

A quirky fact about her: The only exercise she gets is her nightly swims in the pool. Why at night you may ask? Because she needs to keep her porcelain skin as milky white as possible to uphold her unique look.

Many believe her look is far too contrived and more of a costume closet than a woman’s wardrobe. I feel that if she has the time and effort to pull it off- leave her be. She looks extremely glamorous to me.

I am quite curious as to why she did not attend the Gala Monday evening- she may not be a model, but she is has a definitive role in Fashion!

Dita Von Teese gives me crazy closet envy!

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Sovereign Sevigny


Chloe Sevigny- this woman is a true fashion sensation. She wears outfits that are unique, she wears every color of the rainbow, and her physique is perfection for carrying clothes. Her styling tactics include large framed reading glasses, grandmother broaches, 1980′s rapper medallions, and fingerless gloves. However rather than looking pieced together, she looks prim, pulled together, and oh so fabulous!

She may play a wife in a polygimist marriage on her hit show Big Love, but in real life, nobody would be willing to share this fashion queen.

Playing her role in the fashion industry with her line of clothing for Opening Ceremony, her styling of Japanese high street store Uniqlo, and her monthly advice column writing in Elle magazine. She is the quirly celebrity who wears clothes without too much severity or seriousness. She has fun when she dresses, takes risks, gives young designers a chance to shine, and wears pieces with her own personality stamped on.

Chloe Sevigny consistently surprises and impresses me with her choice of outfits and styling.

She has one closet I would love to raid!



Dressing Diane


The German actress Diane Kruger has not been one to impress me with her performances on the silver screen, however on the red carpet and on the streets, the girl takes my breath away.

She dresses absolutely beautifully, always fashionable, and undeniably unique. She is one to wear dresses that other would imagine are just for a runway show. She allows herself to shine as a woman and not be masked by the outfit as a model.

She knows how to wear trousers with sass, sheerness with modesty, and daywear with spunk. Take cues from the way she wears excess fabric, draping, volume, transparency, and color, all in a refined feminine manner. A fashion icon in the making, Diane Kruger is one woman I will be keeping my eye on.

The Frauliene’s closet is definitely one I would love to raid.