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The First Lady Wears Naeem Khan


Michelle Obama welcomed Prime Minister Manmohan Signh and his wife to the White House this Tuesday night and ushered in the Obama administration’s first official state dinner. She wore an elegant strapless gown by Indian-American designer Naeem Khan for the event. Michelle chose a classic floor length cut in a subdued gold fabric and paired it with light matching shawl. Her makeup was minimalistic and her hair was in a classic updo. She managed to look completely glamorous in a feminine and sophisticated way.


There were, however, a few extra touches that really complemented the First Lady’s outfit. She chose a pair of elaborate chandelier earrings and piled glittering gold and diamond bangles high on her left arm. Her choice of Naeem Khan as a designer is also characteristic of Mrs. Obama.

Like Jason Wu, one of Michelle’s favorite designers, Naeem Khan is about to become one of the most sought after names in the business.

Naeem Khan‘s gorgeous evening creations are available at AlOthman.

Jewelry – A Woman’s Identity


Ever wonder why jewelry has such a strong power over women? The reason traces back to the heart of a woman’s relationship with her rock. It’s not just based on the stone itself; the cut, sparkle and luster of the gem play a large role.

For a woman, jewelry is much more than an expensive gift or personal indulgence. Rather, it carries with it an experience that has sculpted and shaped her life. Jewelry suggests adornment, beautification and attraction. It is an embellishment that makes a statement about the wearer.


Jewelry is all about personal style and how you want that style to be expressed. In the past, jewels were made of any particular kind of metal or with some flowers or shells. With time, the constitute of jewelry changed as well the style. Now we have a piece of gold jewelry adorned with stones of various colors, or a platinum chain being decorated with pieces of diamonds.

Jewelry has always been an object of fascination to many of us. I say the beauty of the stone definitely lies in the eye of the beholder. A gem’s individual color, age, and traditional aesthetics all play a part too. Whatever be your taste there is that special gem waiting for you, so go get the rock that will rock your life.

Churidaar- Extreme Leg Huggers


From the Mughal dabars to the fashion hubs, Churidaar has become an appealing choice for many fashion designers. During the Mughal Empire, this dress was favored by the Indian women for all types of occasions. This attire was considered to have the ability to dress the Indian beauty in the most modest manner.

Churidaars are worn by both men and women. They are basically tight fitting trousers that narrow towards the ankle. The length of the Churidaar is longer as compared to the leg. This excess length falls into folds and appears as bangles. This led to its name Churidaar with “Churi” meaning bangles and “dar” meaning like.


Churidaars are essentially worn with Kameez (fitting over shirt) by women and with Kurta (loose over shirt) by men. This splendid beauty is worn by the Khathak (classical) dancers; when the dancers twirl the leg contour can be discerned.

This majestic garment has walked the run ways in cool earthen colors to mesmerizing vibrant colors. It flaunts in silks, brocades, chiffons, linen etc. The beauty of this royal dress however lies in the fine embroidery or zari handwork.


Even today the essence of the Mughal culture is still depicted in traditional Mughal designs. Hence we can say Churidaar is one part of history which still lives on in India and is in vogue in the fashion industry.

Saree Spice

We’re going to try something different today. We are posting an article by a Guest Blogger. So, we would like to warmly welcome our first guest blogger, who has sent us this beautiful article on the influance of Indian culture on fashion.

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Coming from the Indian subcontinent, I have always been partial towards the Indian culture, food and fashion. In terms of fashion, there are many different costumes. The Saree, however is a timeless piece of creation.

Though the styles have changed over a period of time, the Saree has stayed a legend speaking one language of grace, femininity and sensuality. It has been adorned by royals, beautifully draped on the religious deities and of course mesmerized by the stunning Bollywood stars.


The history of Saree is as old as the civilization of India. Saree is strip of unstitched cloth ranging from 5 to 9 meters in length. Most common style is to be wrapped around the waist with one end then draped over the shoulder.


The dazzling variety of fabrics, colors, patterns and draping styles of the Saree have long been a source of fascination. The richness and diversity of Sarees allow it to be worn by women of all levels of society.


This beauty has globally captured the eyes of the international fashion designers and celebrities alike. Off late the PC D have taken the Saree to dazzling new heights- Pussy Cat Dolls Jai Ho / You Are My Destiny 2009 (Video). Super model, Naomi Campbell graced the catwalk in a series of traditional Indian Saree when she appeared at “Mai Mumbai” show.