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Graduate Gaze


The faculty of world renowned Parsons School of Arts celebrated their latest graduates of 2008 as they began a one week stint at a NY boutique.

Debut, a store in Noho, New York is aiming to always focus on emerging talents and young designers to showcase in their shop. They offered the graduates a one week time frame in which the buyers chose their favorite pieces to put on sale. Prices are said to range from $200 to $2,000.

Naturally there has to be a star, and this time, the name on everybody’s lips is Robert Fitzsimmons . He works with color and lazer and has gotten rave reviews form Parson’s Dean- “He’s one in a trillion.”

I actually spent one summer doing courses at Parsons (I chose the Parisian campus rather than the New York) and therefore am quite honored that the school is getting a chance to highlight the fantastic talents and skills that they develop there.

One thing is for certain, if I happened to be in New York now, I would be banging at the boutique door for it to open!