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Mad About “Mad Men”


I am not an avid television viewer, mainly because I haven’t the time, and also because there are other things I’d rather do on my nights in- such as tiptoe into my Mothers wardrobe, steal a few of her fabulous pieces, take them up to my room, and try on a multitude of outfits to decide whether I keep the stolen goods, or return them slyly.

However, I do love to engross myself in a dramatic witty television series, such as my newfound favorite- Mad Men. These episodes have everything:

1- An Era I wish I had belonged to.

2- A clever storyline.

3- A very gorgeous man.

4- An extremely sexually charged undertone.

5- and of course- Fashion!

I urge everybody to watch it!

So I was not surprised that it has become somewhat of a Muse to fashion houses and designers alike; Erdem and I spoke quite heavily about our beloved series once over dinner.

The most recent project that has sprouted from the genius that is Mad Men, is a collaboration with American store Banana Republic.

Between the dates of July 21st and August 11th, they will have all the mannequins graced in 1950/60′s silhouettes, decorating their windows with stills from the show, as well as offering a prize to one shopper of a walk on role of the series!

This could be all fine and dandy, but I’d rather be lying back at home, draped in my cashmere knit throw, with a box full of dark chocolate dipped strawberries, and hope to achieve Christina Handricks lustworthy body. She alone is worth watching!


Proenza Schouler celebrates A Magazine


Proenza Schouler‘s dynamic duo Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez welcomed a fabulous crowd at Manhattan’s Soho Mews to celebrate the launch of Magazine #9, the  the much talked magazine that chose the designers of Proenza Schouler to oversee for this issue.  Past designers who have participated with A Magazine include Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci. But guess who stood out amongst the swarm of fashion’s ‘It’ celebrities, the one and only Chloe Sevigny, who has graced the cover of  Magazine #9.  Other guests included Maria Cornejo and Amy Greenspon who was photographed in a Proenza piece we will sure be receiving at AlOthman.


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