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J´aime Montreal

I can´t emphasize how I’m mesmerized by the beauty of Montreal, and by the abundance of diverse areas to visit and savour.  I am here to share a little bit on my experience in this fascinating bilingual city, whether it´s in areas I have discovered or others I continue to fall in love with each time I revisit.



Montreal is known to be a multi-cultural city so it´s never a surprise to find any ethnic restaurant that comes to mind, whether it´s Lebanese, Korean, or Nigerian.  However since I´m a fanatic for Asian food I have spent most of my time and appetite on Asian-inspired restaurants (this makes me pretty predictable at times).   I have been hearing about this popular funky restaurant named KoKo for ages and how it has won awards for it´s menu and conceptual design, so I decided to try it out with some friends of mine.  KoKo is located in a chic boutique hotel under the name Opus and serves “sharing-style food that blends Eastern flavors with Western culinary techniques”.  My friends and I admired the restaurant´s contempo yet engaging atmosphere, and the food there was beyond exquisite.  We definitely enjoyed the concept of sharing our dishes… so I´m definitely going back there again!


My other delightful experience at an Asian restaurant in Montreal was at the famous Mikado. This place is known for it´s colorful and appealing sushi and maki dishes, and it praises itself on its attention to detail and aesthetics- mainly the handmade elements of the restaurant like the decor and tableware.  I can´t describe how gratifying our dishes were (to both our eyes and taste buds), and how much my friends and I enjoyed the cozy atmosphere in addition to the beautiful sunshine.

I wish I can have more time to go back to my favorite restaurants and try out all the new ones at the same …if only our summer days were longer *sigh*.


Nina’s Style Strategy


We all know Nina Garcia as fashion director of Marie Claire magazine and guest judge on one of my favorite shows Project Runway. Nina has also published several books (The Little Black Book of Style and The One Hundred) related to style and fashion. Her latest book, The Style Strategy, is a fun read which is a sort of fun guide filled with advice on shopping and style during the credit crunch era.

The book also guides fashionistas towards conscientious shopping, answering questions like  What do I have? What do I need? What do I want? before making purchases. In addition, The Style Strategy celebrates some of the most exceptional women of the past, who remained fashion-forward during their own era’s credit crunch times.

The Style Strategy is available for $21.99 at bookstores.