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Cherry on Top

Sometimes a couple of bracelets can upgrade an average outfit to a fashion hit. While I was blog hopping the other day I found a picture of the most stylish forearm I’ve ever seen. It was a combination of a Rolex watch, large encrusted cuff, studded bracelet, and silver bangle. In theory, this mix sounds like accessories overkill. In reality, it looks like this:


As Rachel Zoe would say, “I die”. This genius mix of accessories would look equally stunning in gold. I snapped a couple of pictures from the AlOthman Outlet upstairs of some pieces that could be matched with a fabulous gold watch. Two of them were eye-catching bracelets by Kara Ross. The first was a gold and orange python bracelet (also available in white and fuchsia). The second was a flower shaped confection with beautiful detail. Rocking a smaller bracelet with a watch also looks great. The adorable frog bracelet by Daslu has this effect. 



If Silver is your metal of choice, there was a modern style cuff by Marios Schwab (also available in metallic black). Never underestimate the power of a bracelet! 


All of the bracelets shown are available at the AlOthman Outlet.

Nifty Thrifty O

Louboutin for half the price? Oscar de la Renta heels that won’t break the bank? If you think that that’s too good to be true. Think again! Posh yet practical, Thrifty O has recently joined our O Blog team to give you all the tips you need to know about styling and saving. She is your complete tightwad guide to shopping designers duds on discount. She scouts deals on items from past seasons that are still on trend, and shows you innovative and inexpensive ways to look as if you’ve just stepped out of the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. You’ll learn the secrets of how to recreate styles to wear forever. Here’s to a fabulous new look – at a fraction of the cost!

Welcome Thrifty O to our O Blog team and we are looking forward to your budget-friendly posts.

The Madness Continues


Today our morning began with the fabulous Oscar de la Renta. The showroom which I love going to because it has such an enchanting view looking over the Eiffel tower, was filled with the fabulous pieces I had already fallen in love with from The deep teal, pericot green, and apricot orange filled the room with color. With a man playing a saxophone on the street below, we began an entire rerun of the fashion show, one piece at a time.


I literally gasped when I saw my favorite plum piece saunter towards us which had large ruffle shoulders, a bow at the waist, and a mid calf length that I know would make me feel like an old Hollywood starlet; and I immediately marked one down for myself! I was very intrigued with one of their new techniques which is a braiding finish they put on some of their cotton tweed jackets and their luscious evening gowns, see picture below.


Our next appointment was the ever charming Clements Rebeiro. The showroom, located in their own stylish apartment, was the perfect set-up of delicate knits with quirky images, a multicolored striped dress, florals ornamenting skirts and coats, and finally the zipper triming which was found on t-shirts and belts alike. A sweet and pretty Summer collection.


Roland Mouret was our next stop, and although we had already finished our order, we stopped by to add additional looks that were added for the show. These showpieces were quite spectacular with fringed mustard gorilla sleeves, grosgrain ribbon tied waists, and large bow hip detailing. We loved the additions and added a few pieces to our order.


Our last stop was The Row. One of my favorite brands as I simply can not get enough of their basics. To my delight, the collection expanded greatly. They introduced buttery soft leather as well as slinky drawstring pants. We also picked up on a fabulous wrap skirt with finished with a massive bow at the back. Of course we also selected many of their basics such as their fabulous leggings in blue denim, black denim, and black stretch- a must for everybody’s closet, trust me!