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GG Moment …


So far I am not really impressed with what’s going on in Gossip Girl’s new season, I mean who here misses the old Chuck Bass? and why is Gossip Girl not around as much? On the other hand, I have to give some credit to the show’s wardrobe styling, because I find the outfits to be far more interesting, vivid, and sophisticated will still maintaining their Upper East side status.

Anyway, as I watching the third episode where Serena warned Dan about Georgina and had a fit with Blair about Carter I couldn’t help but notice her flirty Matthew Williamson black mini dress- with a beaded trim on the asymmetrical zipper across the bodice and sleeves.  The dress’s open slit at the back with the same embellishment gives the piece a sassy character that totally meshes with Serena’s.  I would so go for those teel blue suede sandals and green cross-body bag if I were to be strolling around NY City ‘trying to discover myself’ as Serena is claiming.

The Matthew Williamson dress is available at AlOthman in black and peach for KD 519.


Louboutin Celebrates Barbie

An image of the diary featuring Louboutin and Barbie.

Fifty years and one billion pairs of shoes later, Barbie is still finding ways to satisfy her shoe cravings. Mattel, the maker of Barbie, has partnered with Christian Louboutin in a union that combines two iconic histories. Not only will Louboutin will be Barbie’s “godfather” for a year, but he will also customize three Barbie dolls along with an accessories collection. The first doll, set to unveil in February, will have a jewel-thief theme. All dolls will come in a beautifully packaged Louboutin shoe box and will retail for $150 through Net-a-porter and Barbie Collector.

Barbie and Louboutin Diary

A diary which comes with jewel thief Barbie, titled “My Year in Paris With Christian Louboutin” documents images of Louboutin and Barbie exploring different real situations (shopping with Louboutin, shown above).

Louboutin Shoes for Barbie

If that wasn’t enough, Louboutin also designed a Barbie-pink pair of shoes which premiered at Barbie’s birthday runway show during New York Fashion Week in February. I’m excited to see Louboutin’s Barbie dolls, if they’re anything like his shoes, expect something unique!