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My Mama Taught Me What I Know


I remember sitting on the carpeted floor of my mothers closet in our Paris apartment digging through the bottom drawer which held a massive mess of family photographs. Since all of ours were lost in the Gulf War, these treasures that lie directly under the drawer of my mother’s array of sheer silk stocking, were all the memories I could find. My favorites were those of my mother in the years before me as she stood on the beach in the 1970′s, hair blown out a la Fawcett, a little buttercup yellow bikini that sat low on her hips, and my eldest sister as a baby perched on her waist. Stunning? Absolutely.

Or the many images of her in her highwaisted Gaultier sailor pants, or her fitted cropped Chanel tweed jacket, or her salmon red Kelly bag, or her fabulous long lost Pucci minidress that she married my father in.

Yes, my  mother was the chicest woman everywhere she went, and taught me every ounce of fashion and style I know today.

So I came across a blog named- “My Mom The Style Icon” where people can send in photographs of their glamorous mothers and praise them in all their glory.

Take a look at it- the images will capture you and the stories will intrigue you.