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Swiss Textile Awards!


So here I was arriving in Zurich for the Swiss Textile Awards hosted by Stella. Although I arrived at 8am haven been traveling from Kuwait all night long, I sparked by energy after seeing Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte and Marios Schwab having their coffee and breakfast at the tables near me in the lobby. How fab! And so I put my overnight bag (hahaha who am I kidding? Yes I will admit to bringing an entire suitcase for one night) and walked out to stroll around town until the festivities began. Running into Erdem on my out to grab a taxi.


After picking up a  little carved wooden alligator for my niece, beautiful toys can only be found in Europe, not the plasticy stuff you find elsewhere. I came back to my room and went over all the invites and scehdules that will take me through my day. see above.

My first stop was the panel seminar where all the past wnners were present to discuss their winning and growth since winning the award. There was sitting Marios Schwab, Haider Ackerman, Raf Simmons who now designs for Jil Sander, Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte, and other fabulous designers. It was quite an inspiring talk and I came away not only smitten of Haider, but also really wanting to start up my own design juices!


Soon after, I rushed back to my room to shower, get into my outfit for the night- an ivory satin Balmain bow crystal encrusted blouse, a vintage champagne satin crepe ballerina skirt, my teal Louboutin Mules, and my fabulous grey and ivory tinted Hockley Fur- and headed off to the cocktail part before the shows. My outfit was definitely a success as a magazine from Italy and from Switzerland both photographed me- crazy! I then walked through the exhibit of the vintage dresses, shown below, all using Swiss textiles of the past.

vintage dresses

We were then all told to take our seats, I was in the front row with a fabulous view, and watched the shows.

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