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Better to Light a Candle

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Receiving scented candles as a present sometimes can be the dullest idea ever. Plus it raises some unwelcome self-conscious emotions and you start questioning yourself especially when you receive such a gift from your colleagues at work: “Do I smell bad?” “did my chicken tandoori dipped in Indian lemon pickles sandwich sabotaged the office meeting“? But how about a feel-good/smells-good scented candles that boost self-esteem and send your random act of kindness to people around you.

Temperley has partnered with the human rights organization, Amnesty International , and created a scented candle to mark Human Rights Day on December 10th. The symbol of the candle highlights the hope that Amnesty gives to people around the world by improving human rights.

The limited-edition candle is currently available on Temperley’s website and the Amnesty online shop  for £35 only.


The quality of blogs out there range from absolutely fantastic to, shall we say, not that impressive. Almost anyone can pop open a laptop and rave about their opinions on the latest collections and trends. From that perspective, I don’t blame Christopher Kane for expressing his cautious approach to the world of blogging. “No one who wants to read a serious review of a show is going to look at what a 14-year-old thinks.” He added that sometimes leaked pictures from bloggers allows knock offs to be quickly replicated and sold, and that the power bloggers now have is “quite scary.” (Christopher and a glimpse of his Fall 2009 collection pictured below). 


The 14-year-old he’s referring to might just be Tavi, the “new girl in town.” Kane believes that someone this young couldn’t possibly be taken seriously by real fashion powerhouses. This sounds logical, but bloggers such as Tavi get more attention than one might think. She was even gifted a top from Proenza Schouler‘s Spring/Summer 2010 collection from the designers themselves, just because she praised their collection on her blog! 


It’s incredible how much blogging is taking the fashion world by storm, and despite what Christopher Kane thinks, it’s a force to be reckoned with.