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Malandrino Cruises Her BMW


It seems that fashion continues to conquer new territories as the years go by, now we can actually name more designers who have participated in collaborations than on the count of our fingers.  However apparently we are approaching a new trend of designers collaborating with car manufacturers, which is not surprising given that these two industries highly define wealth and luxury.

It all started when Luisa Beccaria collaborated with Citroen for her Spring 2010 collection, and now it’s NY based designer Catherine Malandrino teaming up with BMW through a major ad campaign. Catherine stars in a series of advertisements which are featured in the December issues of CondeNast Publications W , Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and are also viewed as pop ups on  The editorials portray Catherine‘s extravagant lifestyle, revealing a shot of her elegantly posing outside her flagship store in the Meat Packing District and prepping for a weekend getaway at her country house in upstate NY.

It wasn’t hard for me to notice Catherine‘s asymmetrical grey dress with black tulle overlay and feather embellishment, after all it was my favorite dress from her Winter 2009 collection.  I’m glad this piece was picked for the shots because it appears to flow really well with the overall theme of the campaign.

Doesn’t the ad campaign make you wonder who else can fashion designers be collaborating with in the future?