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California Dreaming

Venice Beach

My posts have been on the rarity recently, and that is because I spent my New Years in Sunny California! Its my first time there and I had a blast discovering and visiting places I had only heard of or seen on film.

I must say, I did squeel a bit when I first glimpsed the Hollywood sign and was crazy amazed at the height of their palm trees! Rodeo drive was still decorated with Holiday trimmings and the entire city lit up once the sun went down.

Hollywood Sign

We frolicked on Venice Beach, ate fabulous food, shopped at all the vintage stores and department stores, watched in awe of the trapeze artists on the Pier carnival, laid our hands in the imprints at Graumans Chinese Theater, ate even more fabulous sushi, and saw the heartbreaking gravestones of stars such as Dean Martin and Marilyn Monroe.


My New Years Eve was spent eating delectable delights at The Bazaar who’s restaurant specializes in molecular gastronomy and we had a blast playing with all the food’s surprises. We then danced the night away at an open top decked party under the stars! The people-wonderful, the shops- so so (extremely overrated!), but the entire experience- memorable and amazing!

Check out page 2 for more photos of my trip.