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Tired? Definitely Not!

And so it has arrived, our last and final day in Paris. We had two appointments for this morning, and it began with Roland Mouret. RM is definitely one of my favorite designers. I can not tell you how being in one of his dresses makes me feel, but if I could, it would be ravishing, and that is just skimming the surface.


This collection was particularly gorgeous, with the many neutral hues on offer as well as jolts of color that came in magenta, plum, ivy green, rust, and rose. He created a series of separates such as gilets, leather sleeved jackets, knit leggings, and oversized tunics as well as his unbeatable little dresses. He toyed with a wider sleeve, a daringly open back, and back slits that were almost naughty. A collection I wish would be availble right this minute!


The next collection was a quick stop to review it and return in March for the buying. So I dropped T off at Gare Du Nord to catch her train and I went off to venture Paris like I love to do. My first stop was to Le Palais Royale where I saw this crazy sculptural plaza with striped columns emerging from the ground. I bought myself a pair of luscious yellow gloves to wear when I return for Main collections, and roamed down the corridors and gardens to marvel at the beauty of the setting.

Palias Royale

I then walked down to Colette where I saw the most amusing window display. Moncleur created the simple jacket which slowly became covered in rosebuds. It was gorgeous! And every state of the floral growth jacket was for sale inside! Also inside was a big display of Erdems Summer dresses, all in their floral glory, styled up with black sequin harnesses. It was absolutely fabulous to break up the prettiness with the rawness, and the sequin touch kept it all together. I loved it! I left buying myself a quirky little silver studded and spiked head wrap, it will be something I can dress myself up with when wearing casual attire.


I then stopped by La Duree for a chocolat chaud as a celebration for completeing the Pre collections and picking up some outstanding brands.


I arrived home, to begin my packing, and get everything together before my extremely early flight back home tomorrow, and thought that I should photograph the pillow (above) that lays on my back everytime I write a post- it captures my thoughts exactly.

Au revoir Mes Chéris!