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Style Maven: Rumi Neely

This half-Japanese, half-American beauty has blown me away with her blog and her style. The quirky California native is both fashion obsessed AND thrifty! Most of the outfits in her posts are from stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Aldo with the occasional Chanel bag or Marc Jacobs shoes thrown in. I’m always surprised with her outfit references at the bottom of every picture, because she definitely doesn’t make them look cheap! It probably helps that she has the poise and figure of a supermodel. She also has her own little store on eBay called “Treasure Chest Vintage” but I doubt she has time to update it now that she’s a famous blogger, began to model for Forever 21, and gets invited to shows like Herve Leger.


Her blogging is very funny and enjoyable to read, and I have actually become obsessed with this blog! I can’t count how many times I clicked “Older Posts” when I first found the blog!  The titles of each post are always long random sentences like “there is a field i will meet you there.” This seems to be a trend in the fashion blogging world. You should definitely give it a read! Rumi has defined her own style, claiming that a few of her favorite things include white t-shirts, denim shorts, anything vintage, and of course-shoes! She also has a tendency to wear long sweaters as dresses, which she somehow manages to pull off. I am officially a fan.