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Day 2

Day two began hazy and I hoped that the weather would finally cool down.

We began our day viewing the Pierre Balmain collection. It is the second line of Balmain which is more wearable and easier approachable. With Bandana prints on maxi skirts and silk jackets as well as chain work on little black dresses and safety pin detailing on eroded tees, the essence of the rock and roll girl is very prominent.

The next visit was to Edun. I loved the collection today for its bright colors in raspberry, sea blue, and olives. There were slinky easy trousers, degrade denim shirtdresses, and silk printed kimono dresses.

I particularly loved their new t-shirt line which were designed by school children in Uganda to “draw what you want to be when you grow up”. The result? School teachers, Nuns, and farmers. Of course 100% of the sales of these tees go directly back to the school in Uganda.

Preen came next and it is definitely one of my favorites this season. Candy colors and tetris type prints dominated the pieces. There were crepe blazers in sugary yellow and Pepto pink, multi colored sequins covering an entire dress, and sweet little lace frills on hems, collars, and sleeves.

Today we didn’t get to see as much as we had planned as so much had come up in the day; which really means just so much more in the next few days.

Ta Ta!