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Concieving Contemp O: An Introduction

Dear Fashionistas,

It’s thrilling to finally get a chance to properly introduce myself to you as the latest addition to the roster of contributors to the AlOthman Fashion blog. In trying to keep this introduction brief, I will let the meaning behind my nom de plume speak for itself, and give you an idea of what to expect from my subsequent submissions.

Rooted in the Latin word, ‘contemporarius,’ it translates roughly to ‘in accordance with time.’ Generally speaking, the term contemporary is a broadly applicable characteristic. In this respect, it can be grossly equated to a synonym for ‘current,’ however the carefully selected pseudonym I’ve chosen to go by is most concurrent with the following meaning taken from the Oxford Dictionary: “following modern ideas in style or design.”

As a freshman fashion blog contributor, the logic behind this would seem evident. The objective of Contemp O’s posts will therefore pertain to emerging information and reports relating to fashion: from notable trends, current must-haves to the discussion of emerging reports from the industry.

What I intend to gain primarily is a continued interest in my contributions. Ideally, though, I hope to elicit enthusiasm over the perspective and insight I can offer via diversely themed topics, all of which share a mutual adherence to currency as related to fashion and style. In selecting a domain of discussion with a relatively open-end nature, I aspire to generate continuously appealing, interesting and relevant content for your consumption.

Currently yours,

Contemp O

Image: Time Loop by Blanka Ciok via