Spring 2011 Beauty Trends

The color trend this spring is not just limited to your clothes. We’ve seen splashes of it all over the runway on lips, eyes, and even funky nails. Beauty trends are always the most fun to embrace because there isn’t as much commitment involved. Bright pink lips? Easy- just buy a glossy pink tube and have fun with it. This look was seen all over the runways, and celebrities like Beyonce and Emma Stone have been embracing it. Emma‘s makeup artist gets an “Easy A” for this perect application.  I’m also loving this star’s new blonde locks.

Another fun beauty trend this season is bright eyeshadow in unexpected colors. We saw this on runways like Oscar de la Renta, who had the look in sea green.  Jason Wu showed it in a violet, cat-eye version. A great time to try this trend would be at a wedding when the color complements your dress (a black dress would work), just make it subtle and don’t go overboard.

Another beauty trend is for your hands, and it is slightly crazy but somehow works. This is the multi-colored nail trend, and you can either paint each nail a different color like Lauren Conrad or just your ring finger like Vanessa Hudgens. I saw this look in person and it was pretty amazing. A girl came into the office and had her nails all grey except her ring finger, which was orange.

Check out the close-ups…

Which look would you try? I’m tempted to try them all…just not at once!


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