Trippin… Inside A World Within A World By Bader Qabazard

Born in Kuwait in 1961, Bader Qabazard studied motion picture production at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara California. Upon returning to the Gulf he dedicated himself to advertising agencies, producing and directing for various commercial groups such as MTV, Saatchi & Saatchi, Impact BBDO and Disney Channel in the Middle East. Qabazard considers himself a digital artist and his work is stylized, personal and open to interpretation. Bader says, “When I’m in the mood I play around, I see shapes and forms that transcend into an endless path of imagination. Michael Shautha, a talented young Poet/Song-Writer interpreted my thoughts through my work for this exhibition. His words were striking to the core of my artwork, allow me to share it with you.”

When: Monday, May 23rd – June 9th

Where: Dar Al Funoon (Al-Watiah, Behbehani Compound, House 28, Kuwait City)


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