Bridal Fashion Wk- Day 4

I began my morning ritual of enjoying a freshly toasted bagel and a latte while watching Channel E!, but ironically E! was playing Kim K‘s wedding episode. Why I did I say ironically? Well today was going to be my appointment with Vera Wang‘s team. I closely watched the part leading up to Kim‘s dress rehearsal and how she went about wearing a different gown to each part of the wedding. I was sure that at least one of these gowns was going to be part of the Fall collection.

Before I headed to Vera‘s showroom, I went to see Carolina Herrera. The designer has always been known for her understated elegant and classic gowns, and this collection was no exception. It was all about the detailing in the fabric and extremely flattering silhouettes. What I’m really excited about is that Carolina‘s team and I are working on some customized pieces that will be exclusive to AlOthman Bridal.

Next up was Vera Wang. As I entered their new office (which by the way has the most amazing view), I was surprised to see that the gowns hung on the racks were all in black and nude!  We were told  tha the  theme of the collection was “witchcraft” and Vera wanted the gowns to look mysterious while maintaining some of her classic shapes, ruffles, and pleating. Ofcourse one gown was mainly inspired by Kim‘s third wedding gown since it looked exactly the same but with an exaggerated ruffled train. I had to see the fabric up close to understand how it fitted Kim’s curvaceous body and to my (and probably her) delight it was actually stretchy! It was hard to imagine how  the gowns were going to look like in the ivory shade, but that didn’t stop me from drooling over some of the pieces there!

Following the appointment I headed to the Vera Wang boutique on Madison Avenue and the welcoming sales staff showed me around and answered all of my questions. I surely had to ask about Kim’s visit to the store and the process of choosing her gowns (You can definitely sense my obsession with her by now). The staff actually showed me all of the pieces that Kim tried on to get inspiration on her couture gowns … I must say that there were some styles that I wish she had considered but I’m sure she was ecstatic about every gown she chose.

Before leaving Madison Avenue I had to stop by my favorite cafe there called Lady M to enjoy a taste of their mille crepes cake …it literally looks like a thousand layers of crepes are placed on top of each other and it tastes like heaven!

This is it for my Bridal 2012 Fashion Week diary! I look forward to receiving the gowns I was mad for in our captivating AlOthman Bridal store.


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