Chit Chat with Rachel Zoe

We have had the pleasure to interview the one and only Rachel Zoe and we would like to share her answers with you! Enjoy!

Flashback to a year ago to the date nearly, moments before your very first collection debut for FW11. How were you feeling? Could you anticipate the reception to come?

Words cannot describe how I was feeling – anxious, nervous, excited. I could never have anticipated such an incredible reception.

You’ve described your pieces ‘instant[ly] chic’ and ‘easy glamour,’ to name a few. Could you elaborate on that in a few words?

The collection is all about wearable yet glamorous fashion – it’s for women who love fashion and aren’t afraid to take risks. It’s easy chic. Like the sequin cardigan for example – throw it on over a printed dress or with white denim and a printed top – not only is it incredible versatile, but it will instantly change any look. That’s what the collection is all about – versatility, accessibility, ease and of course, glamour.

The RZC is relatively extensive and aesthetically diverse, your designs & accessories cater to a broad range of style identities. Was this intentional?

Yes. I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone and I am inspired by so many different people in my life, all with very different styles. It also speaks to my overall aesthetic – I love to mix and match different silhouettes and elements from different decades, for me that’s half the fun of fashion.

The 60s & 70s seem to be strong sources of inspiration to you, from musical preference, personal style to your own designs. What aspects of this era do you find most appealing?

Everything! I love anything mod from the 60s – the prints, colors, shift dresses, gogo inspired boots. I’m also completely obsessed with everything from the 70s – the menswear inspired suiting, maxi’s, wide leg pants, platforms and sequins. I’m honestly inspired by everything from the fashion icons, magazine spreads, movies and music.

Jane Birkin, Briggite Bardot, Bianca Jagger, Edie Sedgwick… Would it be fair to say that you designs cater to the modern day archetypes of these style icons?

I think so – at least that’s what I am going for. I really just focus on incorporating different elements from each icon – that’s what is so great about each collection, you can truly mix and match each piece to make every look your own.

The Dead: favorite song?

Box of Rain

We hope you enjoyed our chit chat and make sure to check out Rachel Zoe‘s Spring 2012 Collection at AlOthman!


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