Bridal Fashion Wk- Day 5

My trip to New York’s Bridal Fashion Week had the perfect ending with my visit to Oscar de la Renta‘s showroom,  I just had to see those magnificent showstopping gowns upclose and personal.   Despite the fact that the entire company just moved into their new building on 42nd street, everything within the bridal department looked magnificent.  The chairs, the tables, and carpet on their 25th floor screamed bridal to me.  Once I grabbed my cup of coffee and got myself comfortable I was ready for business!  Then came the models in the most breathtaking and extravagant pieces and I couldnt stop myself from snapping a shot of every angle of my favorite pieces.  Ofcourse one of them had to be the guipure ball gown and blue tulle underlay and what seemed to be an endless train of the same fabric.  Here are shots of other gowns that blew me away.

This is the end of my Spring 2013 trip but I can’t express how excited I am about the new season and the gowns coming into our store in October!


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