Summer in the City


“I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the Fall, I love Paris in the Summer when it Sizzles...”

Mon Dieu! The time has swooshed away as I find myself already arriving in Paris prepared for the new buying trip. July brings forward the resort collections and the couture shows in the shining sunshine of the wonderful city of Paris.

Knowing the city does indeed sizzle, I have packed several of my beloved lightweight hippy-esque Halston dresses, a variety of my summer collection Louboutins to stay hip, and my sheer vanilla oversized Maria Cornejo cardigan to throw over my shoulder once the sun dips low.

As per usual, I will be posting daily about which collections i’ve seen, designers i’ve met, and trends i’ve spotted.

I’m in that mood of delighted ecstasy that hits me at the beginning of every trip, and I feel it will continue all week.

I will be sure to share every moment with you!


    Paris is always a delight. Hope you’re having a fastidious time choosing what all of us will wear. And since it’s July et couture you’ll be spotting dozens of celebs and maybe even Anna Wintour!! Did you ever spot her at a show, by the way?

  • Snob O

    Dear Bahrain Fashion,

    I have seen a lot of celebs in and around town both in Paris and London at shows and on the streets. I never saw Anna Wintour at a show, but I did see her once by chance in New York several years ago!


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