From Roberta to You!

This is a personal message sent from the talented Roberta Furlanetto herself to her customers, and we are absolutely delighted to share it …

Ciao a tutti,

Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see a free spirited woman wearing my collection.

I choose my direction irrespective of what the trend of the moment or fashion market is dictating.  Designing for me is a voyage of expression allowing me to wrestle with color, shape, fabric, and technique.  I focus on evolution and personal search.  I subscribe to the theory that if you look good you feel good and truly great design is about making the human form look its absolute best.

I design without compromise, sculpting my creations with a real woman in mind.  I want everything I do to be wearable, practical, and desirable.

Wishing all the best from Milan,

Roberta Furlanetto



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