Getting to Know Alexander


He loves to be in the drivers seat, music blasting, singing his lungs out, while moistening his throat with an ice frosted coffee. This is the image Ryan Corban portrays of his longtime friend, designer Alexander Wang.

With his lengthy strands coiled up in a bun, Corban remembers Wang‘s obsession with fashion while they both were students at Parsons. His scheduling skills, his punctuality, his tidiness, and his talent are all characteristics that define him.

Recollecting a memorable visit to Shanghai, accompanying Wang to watch his mother perform at a nationwide Ballroom Dancing Gala; he reiterates that Alexander Wang is an extremely skilled and wonderful human being.

I love to learn about designers, about their history, and personal traits. For me, realizing the passion they have for their clothing, is what makes me love their brands more.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.



  • Pixie

    I always have an eye out for Alexander Wang. His pieces are versatile and always get me many compliments. AND are so comfy.AND Rihanna is obsessed with him. I heart Alexander Wang.

    Thanks Snobby O!


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