Churidaar- Extreme Leg Huggers


From the Mughal dabars to the fashion hubs, Churidaar has become an appealing choice for many fashion designers. During the Mughal Empire, this dress was favored by the Indian women for all types of occasions. This attire was considered to have the ability to dress the Indian beauty in the most modest manner.

Churidaars are worn by both men and women. They are basically tight fitting trousers that narrow towards the ankle. The length of the Churidaar is longer as compared to the leg. This excess length falls into folds and appears as bangles. This led to its name Churidaar with “Churi” meaning bangles and “dar” meaning like.


Churidaars are essentially worn with Kameez (fitting over shirt) by women and with Kurta (loose over shirt) by men. This splendid beauty is worn by the Khathak (classical) dancers; when the dancers twirl the leg contour can be discerned.

This majestic garment has walked the run ways in cool earthen colors to mesmerizing vibrant colors. It flaunts in silks, brocades, chiffons, linen etc. The beauty of this royal dress however lies in the fine embroidery or zari handwork.


Even today the essence of the Mughal culture is still depicted in traditional Mughal designs. Hence we can say Churidaar is one part of history which still lives on in India and is in vogue in the fashion industry.

  • Karen

    Great Article … would like to see more indian trends… These outfits are not only stylish but are also very comfortable and women are adopting these styles very quickly….looking forward to more article like these :)

  • pk

    please keep doing more pieces on our Indian clothing :-)

  • shalini

    lovely to see churidaars after a long time! churidaars are indeed shapely, tight, complex, an art for the tailor and still very comfortable, one got to try it out to know it! Great to see such write ups on this blog…..keep it up!

  • KKA

    I consider the Churidaar a very elegant outfit. It is good to see a site that highlights exquisite clothing with such enthusiasm. Indian clothing trends are the new high, and are turning heads world over. Keep up the good work in spreading the message.


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