All I Want For Christmas…

Christmas is a time of giving, peace, love, and happiness. Of course, who can forget the great gifts as well? A few designers were asked “If you could receive one item this Christmas, what would it be?” Here are some answers…

Jason WuAlexander Wang20091217_eight-christianl_146x9720091217_eight-mariacornejo_146x97

20091217_eight-michaelkors_146x97 Rodarte

Jason Wu: “I have always been a huge fan of Rene Gruau. In fact, when I was young I first aspired to be an illustrator. To this day, his use of bold colors and dramatic strokes inspire many of my collections. It would be amazing to locate an original print!”

Alexander Wang: “A really big bathroom in my new apartment!”

Christian Louboutin: “Barry Diller’s plane.”

Maria Cornejo: “A George Sherlock sofa for the living room.”

Michael Kors: “A large Jackson Pollack painting, my own island, and a diary free of appointments.”

Rodarte‘s Kate Mulleavy: “Antique red and white glass mushroom tree ornaments.” And Laura Mulleavy: “A velveteen rabbit.”

So what does Artsy O want for Christmas? hmm.. a Chloé Black Paraty Python Bag.. love it!



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