Style Maven: Miroslava Duma

1. Opaque tights.

2. Perfectly blown out hair with blunt bangs.

3. Minimal make-up.


4. A big, fabulous watch usually paired with other bracelets.

5. (Warning-a man is needed for this one) a large, blinged out engagement ring. Note: she’s already married but with a ring like that you wouldn’t take it off either.


6. A Chanel bag(s), an Hermes bag(s).


7. A leopard print scarf (you should already own this).

8. An adorable headband.


9. Ray Bans. I personally don’t like them, it depends on your face really.

10. A black leather jacket.

11. Fur. (Real only-if you don’t wear real fur then skip this one). She is Russian after all…


….et voila!

  • pink

    love love mira aka mirosalava ;p

  • Web Hosting Provider

    She looks gorgeous..


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