Fashion Buyer For A Day

Do you have an eye for style? Do your friends envy your flair for fashion? Have you ever wanted to experience the exciting world of fashion buying? AlOthman is giving you the chance to become a “Fashion Buyer For A Day“. Follow your inner fashionista and start choosing! All you have to do to be AlOthman’sFashion Buyer For A Day” is the following:

1. Click here to view Hervé Léger Fall 2009/2010 collection on

2. Make a selection of your favorite 6 looks, which you think the AlOthman team has bought for the store.

3. Make sure you write down the number of the look which you will find on the lower left-­side of the pop-up screen as illustrated in the image below.


4. Send us your selection by e-mail to with the following information:
- Full name
- Mobile number
- Age
- Gender
- Country

5. Last day to send in your selections is the 15th of March 2009.

Please click here for more information about “Fashion Buyer For A Day“.

  • From the Ivory Tower

    Masa el-kheir ya Othman!

    Great stuff, innovative ideas!

    So how do you propose to upp the ante of men’s fashion in Koweit?

  • Yara

    This is so much fun! .. yet difficult.. I would do it even if there wasnt a prize, please do this more often :)

  • Miss O

    @ Yara
    I hope you already submitted your answers. I’m interested to see what you chose :)

  • Miss O

    @From the Ivory Tower
    Thank you :) We are currently specializing in women’s wear only, so answering your question might not be helpful to you.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Tuxedo

    What does it take to be a merchandiser for Al Othman ?

  • Rashad

    Mr. & Mrs. Tuxedo
    You need to believe in our concept and our fashion direction and obviously have good taste and a high degree of creativity.

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