And the winner is..


Our Fashion Buyer for a Day challenge has come to an end. You were asked to choose six of your favorite looks from Marios Schwab Fall/Winter 2010 collection, which you think we will buy for the store. And the lucky winner is:

 Entesar Al-Awadhi

Congratulations to Entesar Al-Awadhi and better luck to all next time. More exciting and fun features and challenges will be coming soon, so keep checking our blog.

  • entesar

    I won I won I won
    thank you girls,
    now what!?
    Do I get a prize!? ;)

  • Chatty O

    Dear Entesar,

    Congratulations! Yes, you will receive a gift voucher which you can pick up at AlOthman.

    Good job on the picks!

  • entesar

    Thanks you alothman…. you guys are sooooooooooooooooo generous, the gift voucher amount was unexpected. Thank you again.

  • Miss O

    You’re welcome and you deserve it :) And happy shopping ;)


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