Coveted Closet

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A pastime of mine is to browse the internet seeing how people dress and choose to style themselves.

One of my favorite sites has to be Karlas Closet.


I don’t know what it is about her, but I find her to be quite charming and sweet. Her photographs are always so glossy and colorful and just like candy for the eyes. I think what makes her different from many of the other fashion bloggers is that she meshes luxe designer, vintage, and highstreet really really well. I find that most other bloggers only focus on one or the other which makes it quite difficult to relate to.


Plus, because of all the positive feedback on her quirky vintage pieces, she started up a sister site where she sells many of her finds. I love how she is accommodating to her readers and truly wants to share beautiful fashion.

Check out her amazing use of accessories such as brooches on coats, belts hugging her waist over kimono robes, and clutches for daytime.

Take a few minutes to skim through her site here, and let me know what you think!


  • almoda

    A new blog to follow. I love her style it’s great. Thanks Snob O!

  • Al Moda

    Excellent Find!


  • pixie

    I like her style and love that she no skinny minnie! Thanks Snobo!

  • Snob O

    Pixie- This is proof that fashion is not only for stick figures, anybody can dress well and be on trend as long as they dress their shape. notice how Karla always shows of her waist? That’s a great trick for girls who have thicker hips or legs. Love sharing these sites with you!

  • Snob O

    Al Moda Girls- Thank you for your great comments. I was sure you’d love her style. Enjoy!


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