2 Carrie On

Sex and the City 2

After all the excitement and much anticipation, Sex and the City 2 is finally released! I can’t wait till I see the variety of outfits, the hair, and to catch up on the storyline … I just can’t wait!

Sex and the City 2

I will be traveling to Montreal in two weeks and thankfully the movie will still be playing.  Until then, I’m gazing at the released images of the movie and learning fun facts about it (did you know that Carrie made a record-breaking number of 48 outfit changes).  Of those images I found was the movie’s poster where Carrie looked tantalizing in her Halston Heritage dress (which we had seen in the behind the scenes footage) … I love how 2 was incorporated into the movie slogan ” To Carrie On”.

I will let you know if I spot fabulous ensembles that we can find at AlOthman.  For now, Carrie‘s Halston Heritage dress is available at the store in white and black for KD 119, there is also a long version available in blush pink.


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