Summers in Paris


My first day in Paris began on my own just roaming the streets, enjoying the sunshine, and wallowing in my happiness. How Paris still excites, bewilders, and charms me is still alarming since I’ve been here more times than I can remember!


I began my day taking a walk through my area which was filled with fruit and vegetable markets for the season. I picked up a paper parcel filled with plump juicy cherries, they are the most perfect fruits for this time of the year in France. I then roamed about while munching on them to see all the new little street fairs that opened up. They were selling beautiful monogrammed linens, lavender pouches, dolls, and natural soaps.

I stopped by Colette to see their new window displays and funky books. I bought a crazy amazing silver keychain for a friend of mine for helping me out recently- can’t say what it is because he reads this blog too, but it is quite fun! Hope he loves it!


I began to tire and get hungry after a few hours of shopping, bought myself quirky white rimmed sunglasses and a new authentic printed panama hat, I stopped by a little fish mongers to have a lunch of fresh seafood. It was delicious and came served with a basket of fresh crusty bread, parsley dipping sauce, and lemon wedges.


My next stop was to one of my favorite areas in Paris, St. Germain. I roamed in and out of the art and furniture galleries slowly planning out the way my own house will look- once I have it!

I got back home at 5pm after being out since 9am completely exhausted, and chose to fill you in on my day so far.

After resting and snacking for an hour or two, i’ll put my kicks on and walk down to the cinema to watch a movie and half a bite of dinner.

The collections begin tomorrow and I cant wait to fill you in on the hot designers coming soon to AlOthman.

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    I could taste, see and smell it all! Wish I was in your shoes right this very instant


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