Rabih Kairuz by Menkes


Rabih Kairuz debuted his latest collection in Paris to masses of people.

He showcased his collection in a lush garden behind his showroom. What a delightful retreat in Paris, from the grey stoney streets too a fully bloomed colorful garden.

I was delighted to see that the International Herald Tribune wrote a piece on him in the style section, edited by Suzy Menkes.

Finally getting the recognition he so well deserves.


  • N

    Kayrouz is by far one of the most influential Middle Eastern fashion designers of our period. I hope we Middle Easterners begin to appreciate him just as much as the West. He deserves it.

  • http://www.alothmanblog.com/blog Snob O

    Dear N-
    I am so glad that he is finally getting recognition for his talents. For some reason there is somewhat of a prejudice against regional designers in our markets, as though only those from America or Europe are deserving of fashion credibility. I am so happy that he is breaking that mold.


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